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Ford Th!nk Neighbor

Ford Th!nk

The Ford TH!NK was a line of electric vehicles produced by the TH!NK Mobility, then an enterprise of Ford Motor Company. The short-lived line included four models: the TH!NK Neighbor and the TH!NK City, small electric automobiles, and the TH!NK Bike Traveler and the TH!NK Bike Fun, electric-powered motorized bicycle. 

The TH!NK line suffered from recalls and poor sales and was cancelled in 2002. Ford sold its stock, and the resulting company, Think Global, continues to produce electric cars in Norway.

Ford Th!nk Neighbor

The Neighbor was designed to meet the NHTSA specification for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. Design and manufacture was unrelated to the Th!nk City. The Neighbor was initially offered in two models, a two-seater and a four-seater, with a two-passenger utility truck version offered near the end of production. 

The TH!NK Neighbor had a fixed roof over an open enclosure; a rain cover was optionally available to protect the passengers from the elements. 

Ford Think 2002 Electric Car

The normal top speed was governored to 25 miles per hour (40 km/h) per NHTSA requirements, and it also had a "turf" mode that set its maximum speed at 15 miles per hour (24 km/h) for golf course use. 

Many options were designed for use on the golf course: it featured a bag rack, a holder for scorecards, tees, and balls, and a club washer. Additionally, there was a trunk option for the four-passenger version that could double as a cooler. 

 Frequently asked questions:

  1. Range, 30 miles on one battery charge

  2. Top Speed limited to 25 miles per hour by law

  3. Recharge the batteries overnight at any 110-volt outlet, for less than 50 cents.

  4. Unlike a golf cart, the Th!nk is street legal; yes you can use this as a golf cart, in Turf mode the top speed is 15mph.

  Specifications for the 4-passenger model:

  • Curb weight 1,400 pounds

  • Overall length: 114 inches

  • Overall width: 57 inches

  • Overall height: 68 inches (mini van height)

  • Wheelbase: 78 inches

 Optional accessories on basic model

  1. Maintenance free Gel batteries, you never have to add water.

  2. Wide turf tires (they look better than the narrow tires)

  3. Rear Trunk.

  4. Overhead console with the speakers.