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 1. Ford Think Weaknesses

Since it's introduction in 2002, the following are observed weaknesses in the Think:

  • Sevcon DC/DC Converter. Most of the time, when these fail, you will have dimmer lights, which you might not even notice. But several have failed resulting in vehicle fires
  • The instrument cluster
  • Batteries, but not if you use the Deka 8G31 gel battery and keep them CHARGED. (You will probably NOT be happy with any other battery. Value, NOT Price, is the key)
  • Multi Function Switch (Turn signals, lights, wipers, flashers). Exposed to the elements.
  • Motor Controller. These tend to fail with the cluster showing 5 bars all the time. (YES, 99% of the time, it's the controller)
  • Windshields. Don't EVER tow the Think backwards on an open trailer.
  • Plastics (Fenders, etc)
  • Wheel Bearings. Replacement bearings, rebuilt hubs and replacement brake shoes are available on internet.

2. Delta-Q Charger

The original charger (Delta-Q model 910-7201) hasn't been manufactured new since 2005. It was custom built for Ford, and the charger had a custom interlock circuit to interface with the instrument cluster. As a result, the cluster and charger are NOT compatible with any other. Connecting any other charger may lead to permanent and unrepairable failure in the cluster. GEM chargers are NOT compatible. Delta-Q has designed and built a new model of charger that is fully compatible with the Think Instrument Cluster interlock, and it has an integrated 400 Watt 13.5 Volt DC/DC Converter, and it's the ONLY charger that works properly. It's a current model, and is fully connectorized, which is a major improvement over the 910-7201 Ford model. There's quite a few major improvements in this charger.

  3. Ford Think Electric Car Replacement GFCI Power Cords

  4. 4. Gel Vs AGM Battery Comparison Document (pdf)

  5. Battery Pack Diagnosis Document (pdf)

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